Managing Food & Weight Issues with Hypnotherapy

We all enjoy being fit and healthy, living a happy and full life with confidence and energy. This is within our power despite the daily pressures of life. Weight control is all about how much energy (food) we need for the amount of energy (activity) we use. Most of us know what constitutes a healthy diet.

Loss of control of our weight can happen for a number of reasons. Stress is a big factor as it increases our anxiety levels, which in turn increases the production of Cortisol. This results in a demand for high energy food, even though the body does not require it or subsequently use it. Hypnotherapy can help you regain control. By reducing stress levels, you will reduce the production of Cortisol and the demand for high energy food.

However, it is also the attitude of your mind towards food and eating that is the key. It’s not just a matter of choice but also a matter laid down in childhood and throughout life. Old behaviour can be updated so that food is not used at times of stress. With the use of hypnosis your subconscious can form a new healthy relationship towards food, thus helping you with your weight management.

In addition, healthy eating promotes the production of the chemical serotonin. This promotes our feelings of well-being and gives us self-confidence, motivation and energy.

Hypnotherapy helps you to focus on the positive ways you can move forwards to achieve your goals, empowering you to be the way you want to be, for the better, permanently.

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